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Become a Reading Corp Tutor!

Are you interested in working at Lincoln Center helping kids become better readers?  Then you should look into becoming a Reading Corps tutor! 

Positions that are available are:
1 Full Time (FT) - 7 hours per day - Elementary Literacy Tutor
1 Part Time (PT) - 5 hours per day - Elementary Literacy Tutor
1 Full Time Plus (FT+) - 9 hours per day - Kindergarten-Focused Literacy Tutor

You can click here to get started applying!

This past year, Reading Corps tutors at Lincoln Center worked with 71 students! They did an amazing job helping our students become better readers!

Not only do Reading Corps tutors get paid a living stipend but they also receive an education award. The award can be applied to future education tuition or it can be applied to past student loans.  If you are over the age of 55 you may gift the education award to someone.  Even more exciting, is that colleges and universities across the country acknowledge the value of service by joining a matching program!  In Minnesota, Augsburg College, St. Paul Concordia and the University of Minnesota participate!  Click here to see more of the institutions that match the education awards given by Reading Corps.

Please share this information with others!  Students who have graduated from High School that are looking to earn some money for college or students who have graduated from college and are awaiting graduate school or that perfect job are excellent candidates for Reading Corps.  

If you have questions about Reading Corps at Lincoln Center, feel free to contact Laura Dosser at