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Packer Plus: "What I Need"(W.I.N) Wednesday

Starting the first Wednesday in October, October 6th, we will start our asynchronous Wednesday mornings, also known as "What I Need" Wednesday (WIN). Here you can find the calendar as to what Wednesdays will have the later start time, it is most Wednesdays, but not all. ALL middle school students are required to attend every Wednesday. High school students with a C- or less, in any class, will be required to attend until their grade is brought up, along with any other student that wants to attend. We believe that this is a really important step for our school as we are creating the opportunity for our students to receive the attention that they need to be successful in school (and life) resulting in more students excelling in academics and social/emotional learning. Teachers will use Wednesday mornings to collaborate and create interventions that fit every student. 

The busses will run later, and all students will still be offered breakfast and lunch. Students will start first hour at 9:30, go to all 6 of their class periods, and then be dismissed at 2:25. 


Any questions or concerns please call:

9-12th grade: Chuck Ochocki 651-457-9402 (Can also watch video)

6-8th grade: Leah Bourg 651-503-4846


** More detailed information was also sent out via email in the principals' newsletter. If you are not recieving these, please check your junk folder and/or reach out to the office (651-457-9408) and update your email address.