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SSPPS Conducts Community Survey

When Dr. Zambreno took over as superintendent of schools in March, he released his 90-day entry plan. As part of that plan, he committed to meeting with a variety of stakeholders to learn about the district. Over the last three months, he heard from family members, students, staff, and the broader community about the successes and challenges facing the district. He has also spent much of this time reviewing data related to academic outcomes and the financial health of the district.

To learn more from stakeholders in the community, the South St. Paul Public School District, with the help of Morris Leatherman Company, will be conducting a survey over the next few weeks to gather information from an even broader group of South St. Paul residents. The survey is being done through phone interviews with randomly selected community members asking for their feedback related to the performance of the district, academic programs, and school funding. The results of the survey will be anonymous to SSPPS and will help direct next steps in short and long-term planning as well as potential future referendums related to school funding.