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SSP Middle School Students Attend Presidential Event

Three South St. Paul Middle School students, Kalia, Amari, and Ellie, were Junior Reporters as they captured history in Rosemount Tuesday, November 30. The students received media passes to President Joe Biden's speech at Dakota County Technical College. The President was there to speak about the new infrastructure law and his social spending proposal. The students were there to act as reporters and document the event through pictures and words. Part of the assignment was to gain all perspectives of a Presidential Event. 

After the speech, as President Biden left the podium, he took a minute to talk with our junior reporters. They asked him what his top priority is for 2022. Amari says, “He told us in 2022 he wants to work on restoring America.” President Biden took a few minutes to ask each student their name before moving on to the rest of the crowd.

Learning What It Means to be a Journalist

The students began the day outside DCTC where they had a chance to talk to supporters and protesters. They asked each group their reason for attending to learn both sides of the issues. The students took photographs and videos as they documented their day. Once inside they went through a thorough security checkpoint and received special clearance to move around the event space. They were able to capture many different vantage points throughout the afternoon. They were also able to speak with a number of Minnesota politicians who were also in attendance.

The next day in class they shared the pictures and stories with their classmates. As a class they analyzed each one and talked about the importance of representing both sides of a story. They discussed perspectives and the role of the media. They talked about the Secret Service, the President, and all of the other political figures they met during the day.

View the video clip of the student's interaction courtesy C-SPAN: