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Free Take-Home COVID Tests For Students and Staff

SSPPS now has free take-home COVID tests available for students and staff. There are two different tests available: PCR at home saliva tests for students and staff and rapid at home tests for students. Tests will be available while supplies last. Interested families can request to have a test sent home with a student by calling their school’s health office or completing this Consent Form:  Request a COVID Test for a Student.  SSPPS will not send a test home without consent from the parent/guardian.

 SSPPS is not administering the tests, just providing test access to interested staff and students in accordance with MDE and MDH guidelines. SSPPS staff will not be running/processing/administering the tests for individuals. SSPPS does not guarantee the effectiveness or accuracy of test results. The persons taking the test accepts the test “as-is” and assume any risks associated with the test.

Vault PCR Saliva Tests for Students and Staff
Any staff member or student whose parent/guardian requested a test, can pick up a PCR Saliva test from any school health office, during regular school hours, Monday – Wednesday. The test will be self-administered at home over Zoom with a Vault Health staff. The completed test should be brought back to the school’s health office no later than 10:00 AM on Thursdays. Test results will be sent to the users email in 24-72 hours. Please email test results to Nurse Shawnee at

Rapid Nasal Swab Tests for Students (per MDE/MDH guidelines SSPPS is not able to offer this option to staff at this time)

Any student whose parent/guardian requested a Rapid Nasal Swab test, can pick up a test kit from any school health office, during school hours.  The student or a parent/guardian will administer the test at home according to the directions.  Each test has instructions in both English and Spanish. Results will appear on the test in 15 minutes. Please email test results to Nurse Shawnee at