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SSP Students Will be Working on Marketing Campaign for a National Retailer

Business and Entrepreneur students in the TriDistrict College and Career Readiness (CCR) program are learning about marketing strategy this semester while working with a major national retailer. The students are working with Haworth Marketing + Media on a media campaign for Dick’s Sporting Goods. Students from South St. Paul Secondary, Simley High School, and Two Rivers High School recently traveled to the Marketing firm’s Minneapolis location to learn more about the company and their project for this semester. 

Haworth Marketing + Media is a national media agency, with offices in Minneapolis and Los Angeles, specializing in marketing and media solutions for local, national, and international clients. This year, they are a new partner of the TriDistrict Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) Program. As a part of their mission of outreach, education, equity, and diversity, leaders from Haworth are collaborating with the CAPS instructors to help students understand the marketing and media industry. They are working with them to learn the career opportunities which exist in the marketing, media, advertising, and affiliated industries, and give them an authentic view of the work that goes into marketing and media.tridistrict business students

Through this collaboration TriDistrict students will be working with Haworth on a project for one of their national clients, Dick's Sporting Goods. They will work in teams to develop and then present recommendations for an upcoming media campaign. As students navigate this project, they benefit from the expertise of Haworth team members and their TriDistrict teachers. The ultimate goal of the partnership is to develop a broad base of in-demand, transferable skills that level-up these students in their path forward, be that in higher education or in the workforce.

As a part of their skill-building, through weekly visits with Haworth, students are learning from Haworth professionals about the different types of media that are available to businesses. They are learning how to utilize them and the strategies behind each to maximize impact for their clients. In particular, students will learn how the media industry uses social media and influencers as vehicles for messaging, advertising, and communication. Students also learn about the intelligence and data behind these tools, the different types of jobs and careers that support each decision that is made, and how it all comes together in order to bring a solution to a client. 

The vision of the TriDistrict CCR Initiative is for students enrolled in South St. Paul Secondary, Simley High School, and Two Rivers High School to engage in authentic, real-world career exploration activities. They are given a wide range of opportunities to learn about their interests and personal skill sets to help them discover a career path or plan for their post-secondary education. As students learn on-site at local businesses, they develop and practice both academic and professional skills that will propel them into their future. There are three other career pathways that SSPHS students can follow in the CCR Program: Healthcare and Medicine, Transportation Technologies, and Urban Education. 10th and 11th grade students at SSPHS interested in joining the program can speak with the SSP College and Career Advisor at the Secondary Building.