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SSPPS Students Celebrate Earth Day

As part of their Earth Day celebrations, Lincoln and Kaposia students are cleaning up trash around their schools. The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program teaches students about “sharing the planet” as one of their units of inquiry. With PYP units of inquiry, the lessons are brought to life through actions, allowing students to connect it to the world around them. Teachers use days, like Earth Day, to show students how a simple task of picking up trash can make a larger impact on the world. When asked the question about why we pick up trash on Earth Day students said, “To keep the world clean,” “To help the endangered animals,” and “To be a good person for our planet.” They also pointed out that we shouldn’t only pick up litter on Earth Day, but anytime we are out and see trash on the ground. 

The lesson doesn’t stop when they are done outside, it’s brought back to the classroom. They can explore the subject, discuss possible outcomes, and inquire about the local and global scale their actions have. Other classrooms celebrated in different ways. Kindergarteners at Kaposia planted flowers. They learned how flowers grow, what it takes to help flowers grow, and why plants and flowers are an important part of our world. Some students created pictures with watercolors, paper, and glue to help remind them the importance of taking care of Planet Earth. Distance learning classes celebrated too by combining math and science. They colored a numbers chart to reveal the planet Earth, while other distance learning students picked up trash around town and took care of their plants at home. Way to go #SSPpride students! View our Earth Day celebrations through photos!