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South St. Paul Students Participate in Statewide Walkout for Racial Injustice

On Monday, April 19, approximately 200 SSP students participated in a walkout against racial injustice. The event, coordinated by the South St. Paul High School Black Pride Organization (BPO), was held in conjunction with the statewide walkout planned by Minnesota Teen Activists.  Students gathered in the Central Square Amphitheater to hand out signs and organize their rally before peacefully marching to the SSP City Hall.

Once outside city hall, students took turns speaking about their experiences with racial injustice and what they hope for our community moving forward. The District’s mission is: Igniting a passion in every learner, to inquire, continuously improve and engage in positively changing our world.  This mission is lived out by hearing all voices so we can work to learn and understand diverse perspectives. The students ended their rally with three minutes of silence.  More than 100 other schools in Minnesota participated in the walkoutMore than 100 other schools in Minnesota participated in the walkout 

BPO is just one of our student affinity groups aimed at raising the voices of our student leaders. Learn more about the other high school affinity groups at the SSP Secondary School.

Students marching to city hall during statewide walkout student speaking on city hall stairs