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New handbooks aim to streamline policies and procedures for SSP students and families

Thursday, Aug. 29, 2019 — In an effort to help streamline communications and bring clarity to policies and procedures, the South St. Paul Public Schools (SSPPS) has overhauled its annual handbooks for students and families. The goal of the new suite of handbooks is to provide consistent district-wide information in an easy to read format, while also fulfilling annual legal notification requirements.  

Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook cover Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook

The Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook for all SSPPS students in grades K-12 is designed to provide a consistent district-wide publication for information regarding student expectations. In particular, the handbook focuses on issues of discipline, bullying, hazing, harassment and violence. The handbook serves as a resource for students and families in understanding district policies and expectations as well as their alignment with district procedures. 

“It is important to note that while we hold all students accountable for their behavior and choices, the district holds strongly to its mission as an educational organization”, said Superintendent Dave Webb. “We are committed to teaching students how to make better choices and replacement behaviors that help to repair and rebuild relationships. South St. Paul, like many schools, are seeing success in shifting from a perspective of merely punishment for bad behavior to teaching accountability, responsibility and strategies for making improved choices in the future.” 

SSPPS staff will be reviewing this information with students at the beginning of the school year. In addition, families are asked to review the important information in the handbook and discuss it with their student(s). The Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook is available on the district website at

SSPPS Family Handbook

Family Handbook cover The Family Handbook provides a consistent, district-wide back to school communication that satisfies annual notification requirements and serves as a way to better market district programs and services. 

“The Family Handbook consolidates much of the annual information that previously was included in multiple school handbooks,” said Susan Brott, director of communications. “By combining this important information into one publication, all families are getting the same information in one place, and school handbooks can focus on those practices, procedures and information that are specific to their site or program.” 

The Family Handbook will be mailed to all families at the start of the school year and is available on the district website at