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Dr. Zambreno: Superintendent Entry Plan

I am honored to be the new superintendent of the South St. Paul Public Schools and I’m excited to partner with our amazing students, staff, families and community to drive
SSPPS forward. During my first few days, it has been very clear to me the strong commitment our entire community has for our district’s mission of igniting a passion in every learner to inquire, continuously improve, and engage in positively changing our world.

As your new superintendent, I am grateful for the trust the School Board has placed in me to not only take over for Dr. Webb, but to allow for such a quick transition. The entire Board of Education has been incredibly supportive throughout this process and Dr. Webb and I have a shared commitment to ensuring a smooth transition.

As I write the entry plan attached below, I realize we are in a unique situation with my entry happening mid-stream in the school year and I’m grateful for the opportunities this timing brings. I am able to get into buildings that are filled with our amazing studentsand staff and begin building relationships while observing the great things going on in our schools.

What you will see outlined in my plan is to balance the needs of building new relationships with stakeholders while also tending to the business of our district. What I can promise you is a commitment to embedding myself in our community to ensure we have a strong end to the 2021-2022 school year and are prepared for an amazing year in 2022-2023.

Go Packers!

- Dr. Brian Zambreno