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A Look Back at Dr. Webb's 12 Years with South St. Paul Public Schools

Dr. Dave Webb retired Friday, March 18th as Superintendent of South St. Paul Public Schools. Dr. Webb spent 12 years at SSPPS and shared some of the highlights he says we accomplished together during his time here.

Dr. Webb's top 5 proudest things we have accomplished together

  1. 12 years of working together, in partnership, to accomplish great things for SSP kids
  2. Together, our community passed a construction bond, learning levy, and tech levy.
  3. Together, we added teacher collaborative learning and planning time by expanding the ATPPS program
  4. Together, with our TriDistrict Schools, we have first class Career Pathways Programs for SSP kids
  5. The years of preparation of our district, technologically, prior to the pandemic, and the incredible work our our staff throughout the pandemic

A Look Back at 12 Years


  • Adopt a classroom: smartboard campaign raised 97 donated SMARTboards
  • Expanded ATPPS (Alternative Teacher Performance Pay System) program. Added teacher planning teams district-wide


  • Facilitated the partnership between the city, our school district, the Seventh Day Adventist Church and the SSP Methodist Church
  • Purchased iPads for each school site in the district thanks to the district technology levy passed in 2009.


  • Launched district-wide facilities study to determine district facilities needs for the next ten years.


  • SSP Community votes to support a $26 million dollar construction bond
  • Flipped Classroom training for SSP teachers


  • Launched partnership with Inver Hills for students to receive three diplomas upon graduation: SSP High School, IB Diploma, Associates of Arts from IHCC


  • Completed strategic roadmap for SSPPS
  • Shifted Early Learning into elementary schools and 6th grade to Secondary building


  • Launched Career Pathways program with TriDistrict CAPS
  • Launched partnership with Second Harvest Heartland for free food distribution
  • Added Voluntary PreKindergarten: Free all day PreK for 4 year olds.


  • Passed levy referendum for learning: Maintaining staff and smaller class sizes
  • Passed levy referendum renewal for technology: Extended 10 additional years.


  • Expanded career pathways to add healthcare and business entrepreneurship


  • Added student affinity groups
  • Jessica Davis selected as MN Teacher of the Year
  • Added student behavior specialists district-wide


  • Purchased and launched new elementary math curriculum
  • Launched Priority Standards Plans
  • Purchased and opened SSP Education Center
  • Crisis management of the pandemic began


  • Became America’s first BARR District
  • Added Urban Education to Career Pathways
  • Added Packer Plus: WIN Wednesday to Secondary building to support students
  • Continued pandemic crisis management

2013 Construction bond funded these initiatives:

  • Site improvements and facility maintenance: repairing aging roofs, heating and ventilation systems; repurposing underutilized classrooms to meet global digital learning shift and updating the student activities facilities.
  • Relieve overcrowding in the elementary schools to enhance programming: an addition of early childhood and kindergarten classrooms; relocating the 6th grade to a separate middle school wing of the Secondary Building.
  • Address district-wide safety and security needs: incorporating additional cameras and facility modifications, and upgrading the communications and wireless infrastructure.
    Reduce district rental costs: eliminating lease payments by relocating out of the Family Connections site and purchasing the District office.

Technology Levy and Levy Renewal help prepare SSPPS for pandemic:

  • iPads for each district site
  • 1:1 student to Chromebook ratio for school and home use
  • Flipped Campus: inverts traditional teaching methods by delivering instruction online via teacher-created videos and interactive lessons.
  • Added technology and communication programs to support student learning and the relationship between students, staff, and families.