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Safe Crossing Project - A new Initiative for the SSPPS Safe Routes to School Program

SSPPS continues to keep school-zone safety a top priority. In response to intersections of concerns identified by community members in the 2018 Comprehensive Plan and continuing to be a concern during arrival and dismissal observations; SSPPS launched a Safe Crossing Project. 

The Safe Crossing Project has been placed at five intersections near Kaposia and one intersection near Lincoln Center (pictured below). Click here to watch the instructional video to learn more about the safe crossing project and how to use the flag system. 

We hope in addition to providing safe walking to and from school, the SSP community and benefit from this project and utilize the flags to notify drivers and safety cross the busy intersections. The Safe Crossing Pilot project was funded and supported by the Statewide Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP) and Dakota County Public Health Department.

map of where the safe crossing flags are located