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Bus Buddies

Bus Transportation:  BUS BUDDY         651-457-9418

Children who attend the Four-Year-Old Preschool may be eligible to ride the bus to school! If your family qualifies for bus transportation, your four-year-old preschooler could ride the bus to school by designating a “Bus Buddy,” (a big brother or sister, or responsible student from your stop). Bus service is available for drop-off only for the morning preschool session, or pick-up only for the afternoon preschool session. 

Children must have a BUS PASS issued by the SSPPS School District Transportation Department to ride a bus. This pass should be visible to the driver in or attached to the child’s back pack. 

Use the “Bus Buddy Contract” as your guide to teach the buddy how to support the safety and supervision of the preschooler on the bus and at the bus stop. Please contact Community Preschool Office to make arrangements for bussing, including submitting a completed “Bus Buddy Contract” attached.