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Application for Educational Benefits - Have you had a Change in your Family Income?

If at any time during the school year your family income status changes (e.g. laid-off, furlough, government shutdown, seasonal work) you are encouraged to complete an application for educational benefits. Once approved for free or reduced priced meal benefits they are in place for the remainder of the school year, regardless of income status. Parents can apply online at, or submit paper application via mail/fax.


What are some benefits of re-applying and getting approved?

  • Your student(s) will be eligible for free/reduced price for this school year AND the first 30 days into the next school year.
  • You may be currently receiving internet at no cost for distance learning, your household will still be eligible to receive internet at a lower cost in the future.


Do you have questions or need assistance with the application? 

Please contact our Nutrition Services office at 651-457-9429. Paper applications also available at


Families who qualify for free or reduced-priced educational benefits also receive financial assistance in other areas. Click here for a list of educational benefits.