• Equity Commitment

    We believe that the South St. Paul Public Schools should provide an environment where open communication and the celebration of differences are accepted and appreciated. 


    Equity Collaborative

    The South St. Paul Public Schools are part of a district collaborative working with Equity Alliance MN. This collaborative addresses the educational issues resulting from demographic changes and inequities. Equity Alliance MN member districts engage in culturally responsive learning opportunities for staff, and interactive leadership opportunities for students. The end goal is that every student can participate fully in the social, economic, and democratic lives of their communities.

    Every three years, we create an "Achievement and Integration Plan" that responds to the needs of our students, staff, families, and our community in general. The plan is incorporated into our World’s Best Workforce planning, and is reviewed, evaluated and updated annually as required by the state of Minnesota.

    The 2020-2023 SSP Achievement & Integration Plan is available here.