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    ** Due to multiple school cancellations during the 2018-19 school year, SSP Schools has had to add in student makeup day. Scroll to the bottom
    to review the FAQ on student makeup days. 

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Student Makeup Days FAQ

  • South St. Paul Public Schools understands that any change to the approved school year calendar may represent a significant change for our staff and families. We appreciate that adding back student days may impact previously planned vacations or other scheduled activities. We do not take such changes lightly. However, we are committed to providing as much learning time for our students and teachers as possible and therefore believe that this recommendation is in the best interest of our SSP learners.


    Student Makeup Days FAQ:

  • When is the new student makeup day?

  • Why is SSP requesting a makeup day for students?

  • What are the state requirements for student contact hours?

  • How many days have been canceled this school year?

  • When was this decision made to change Feb. 15 to a student day?

  • When was this decision made to change April 19 to a student day?

  • What other dates were considered for makeup days?

  • What about Gov. Walz saying he won’t penalize districts for failing to meet state minimums?

  • Will SSP Schools lose money if days are not made up?

  • What is being done to ensure that this situation does not happen again in SSP?

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