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Superintendent Zambreno and Finance Director Hoffman Advocate for Tax Equalization

Dr Zambreno, Sen Matt Klein, and Finance Dir Brady Hoffman

On January 25, 2023 Superintendent Brian Zambreno and Finance Director, Brady Hoffman testified at the State Capitol before the Education Finance Committee to advocate on behalf of the SSP taxpayers for Levy Equalization. Over the years, the state has shifted more of the education funding responsibility from the state to local taxpayers. The current state property tax formula penalizes communities with more residential property than commercial properties. In order to generate the same amount of funding for their schools, those communities with less commercial properties, like SSP, could pay 2-3 times more than taxpayers in their neighboring communities who have more businesses. If the state passes the levy equalization funding bill, SSP taxpayers will likely see a reduction in their property taxes with the funding to our school district remaining the same.

Watch the video Here

View the Equalization handout

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