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SSP Packers Represented at the State Fair

This year at the Great Minnesota Get-Together, South St. Paul students and teachers represented our district through STEM. In art, more than two dozen South St. Paul student art pieces were submitted. In science, Kaposia's Solar for Schools curriculum was on display with a demonstration of how to build a mini solar oven.

Mr CW talking to student at fair

Science: Solar Energy Exploration

Kaposia teacher, Andrew Cin-Walker demonstrated how Kaposia 5th graders use their understanding of natural laws to solve real world problems. On Friday, August 25 at the EcoExperience Building, Mr. Cin-Walker showed students how to create a working solar oven with supplies at home. The mini solar oven experiment is a lesson he uses as part of his 5th grade science curriculum on energy resources. SSPPS was invited to participate in the demonstrations as part of the Solar for Schools Program, which Kaposia is a part of. The program provides incentives for schools to install solar energy systems and use that as an opportunity to integrate renewable energy use into their school curriculum. Kaposia has had solar panels on their roof since 2021.

Art: Students Win Big

Students from elementary through high school submitted artwork to the K-12 Visual Arts Competition. The competition is highly competitive with more than 3,000 entries this year. 13 pieces of Packer student art brought home ribbons!


  • Kellen K (KEC Grade 2): First place- Crayon
  • Kellen K (KEC Grade 2): Second place- Marker
  • Kellen K (KEC Grade 2): Second place- Mixed Media

Middle School:

  • Sam S (Grade 8): Grand Prize- Special Education
  • Sam S (Grade 8): Grand Prize- Oil Pastels Special Education
  • Kalia B (Grade 8): Second Place- Oil Pastel
  • Xitlali B (Grade 6): Second Place- Fiber Arts
  • Taylor S (Grade 6): Third Place- Fiber Arts
  • McKenna M (Grade 6): Honorable Mention- Fiber Arts
  • Lucas L (Grade 8): Honorable Mention- Oil Pastel

High School

  • Kayla C (Grade 10): Second Place- Painting, Tempera
  • Alaina P (Grade 10): Honorable Mention- Mixed Media
  • Dahnya S (Grade 10): Honorable Mention- Painting, Tempera
  • Molly J (Grade 9): Honorable Mention- Drawing, Pencil
student art- kellen
student art- Kellen K
student art- kellen
student art
student art
student art
student art


student art
student art
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