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2023 SSP Educational Foundation Silver Apple Award Winners

Congratulations to this year's South St. Paul Educational Foundation Silver Apple Award winners! Students are invited to nominate a South St. Paul Schools staff member as someone who has made a positive impact on their life. This year three SSPPS staff members were honored.

Bridget Contreras, Student Support Specialist at the High School

Bridget Contreras and student who nominated with her along with school/district administration

Laura Dosser, Reading Intervention Teacher at Lincoln

Laura Dosser and students along with school/district administration

Megan Frantzen, 2nd grade teacher at Kaposia

Megan Frantzen and students who nominated her along with school/district administration

About the Silver Apple Award

Don Bliss, class of 1950, established the Silver Apple Award in honor of his wife, Roxanne Waldhauser Bliss, class of 1951. During his career as a U. S. West Executive, Don would ask other executives who were the most influential people in their lives. Almost always a teacher would be one of the top influences. Most often, we have become adults before we realize the importance of a special teacher or staff member who has had a lasting influence on our lives. This endowed award was established to encourage students to appreciate educators or support staff who are especially important to them.

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  • Kaposia
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