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Second Grade Students Learn How to Plant and Maintain a Vegetable Garden

Second grade students at both Lincoln and Kaposia are learning how to plant and maintain a vegetable garden thanks to the Minnesota State Horticultural Society. The Garden-in-a-Box program delivers free garden kits that contain everything they need for planting and learning how to maintain raised vegetable gardens.

  • 3’ diameter polypropylene box that is 1’ deep
  • Enough soil to fill the box (10 cubic feet)
  • Natural fertilizer
  • A selection of vegetable plants suited for small space gardens
  • Seeds

On Thursday, May 19, the students planted the vegetables, herbs, and flowers in the raised beds. Kaposia students have also been observing and maintaining real worm compost bins for the past few weeks. While some students did the planting, others separated the worms from the compost. The worms were then rehomed in the garden bed soil.