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Operating Levy 2022: Less Levy Funding = Less Money to Support Our Students

Most Minnesota school districts rely on voter-approved funds to narrow the gap between state funding and the real cost to educate students today. Levy funds enable school districts across Minnesota to avoid cuts to key programs and services.

South St. Paul Public Schools’ current operating levy is more than $608 per student lower than the metro average. Of 43 school districts in the Twin Cities metro area, our district is currently at #35 for locally approved levy funding. Less levy funding means the school district has less money to support students, staff, and programming.

The school district’s November 8 levy request seeks voter approval for two questions.

  • Question #1 seeks voter approval of an annual funding increase of $900 per student. The additional funds will enable the district to maintain small class sizes AND avoid the potentially devastating impact of substantial budget cuts to programs and staff.

  • Question #2 seeks voter approval of an additional increase of $250 per student that the district will use to invest in much-needed academic and mental health support for students, expand programming opportunities for students, and increase career and college readiness courses and experiences.

Question #1 must pass in order for Question #2 to pass.

If the levy questions do not pass on November 8, the district will need to make difficult budget cuts of approx. $2.7 million that will impact everything from class sizes and academic programs to athletics, activities, and student support.

For more information about South St. Paul Public Schools’ November 8 operating levy request, visit

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