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Kaposia Joins Save Our Monarchs School Garden Pollinator Program

Kaposia Education Center science students joined the “Save Our Monarchs School Garden Pollinator Program.” This spring students are planting milkweed and other important pollinator flowers to help the endangered Monarch butterfly. Once the seeds sprout, and the weather warms up, students will transfer the flowers to the Kaposia Outdoor Classroom!

Schools enrolled in the "Save Our Monarchs School Garden Pollinator Program" receive a pollinator garden mix pouch containing 35 milkweed seeds, 17 wildflowers, 10 annuals for first-year color, and 7 perennials for second and successive years' bloom. Earlier this year the students helped set up planter boxes in the school's outdoor classroom. Once the seeds sprout and are transferred to the planter boxes, they're hoping to attract both butterflies and bees to help our environment's pollinators. This hands-on experience allows the students to follow the development of the garden and observe the daily growth of the Monarchs.

Kaposia is one of 30,000 schools involved in the pollinator program.

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