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Director of TriDistrict CAPS Receives Excellence in Youth Employment Services Award

Ben Kusch with Willis E. Branning

Congratulations to Ben Kusch, Director of the TriDistrict CAPS (Center for Advanced Professional Studies) program, for being this year's recipient of the Willis E. Branning Excellence in Youth Employment Services Award. The Excellence in Youth Employment Services Awards are for organizations, programs, employers, or individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to and effectiveness in preparing young people ages 14-24 to enter the workforce.

Over the past six years, Ben and other leaders have been meeting with local employers and community organizations, studying workforce needs and projections, and speaking with students, parents and teachers. All of these efforts have led to one key understanding—the workforce is changing. In order for students to be successful in the future, schools need to make sure all graduates are prepared for post-high school education, careers and the rapidly changing labor market.

The TriDistrict is reimaging the high school experience by developing new curriculum, offering new classes, forming community partnerships, and redesigning the career exploration and college search process. Click here to learn more about the TriDistrict CAPS Program and other Career and College Readiness initiatives at South St. Paul High School.