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We Hear You SSP Students, Families, and Staff

This past fall, leaders from South St. Paul Schools engaged with our stakeholder groups (students, families, and staff) to understand their desired daily experiences and how we can better support their needs. Workshops were conducted with each group to learn what they expect from our schools, staff, and leaders. A large group of students from each school worked with their school administration to brainstorm words, feelings, and actions they expect when they enter our buildings. Families from each school were invited to workshops or submit a form with their expectations. Staff engaged in a workshop session before the school year began, they worked in groups representing different departments across the district. Based on the input we received from these groups, descriptions of the Desired Daily Experience were drafted below.

These Desired Daily Experiences will be the backbone of how we move forward with our strategic plan under the direction of Superintendent Zambreno. They will serve as a guide for our teachers and staff when working with students and families. They will also help determine where funding is needed to continue our commitment to meeting the needs of our students, families, and staff.

Download the Desired Daily Experiences Graphic


I am seen, heard, valued, and respected for the unique person that I am 

  • I have a school that feels like a second home
  • My identity, experiences, culture, and language are honored by students, staff, and teachers
  • School is an inclusive environment that fosters creativity and positive connections

I have a fun, engaging, challenging, and supportive learning environment 

  • My teachers and other staff are enthusiastic and make learning fun
  • My learning experiences are purposeful, relevant, and challenge me to go further
  • I know what I am supposed to learn, why I need to learn it, and what my next steps are in the learning process
  • I feel safe making mistakes during learning and have opportunities to try again
  • Teachers and staff share my successes and positive contributions with my family

My school is a safe and nurturing space

  • I like being at school because I feel physically and emotionally safe
  • I have a school that is free from bullying and where I am comfortable to be myself
  • I have a trusted adult in school who I can go to for support
  • I feel included and connected with my peers 


My child is seen, heard, valued, and safe at school

  • My child is physically and emotionally safe at school
  • My child likes being at school because they feel connected and have a sense of belonging
  • My child feels accepted for who they are

My child is prepared for their next step in school, career, and life

  • My child is provided a challenging learning environment
  • My child has the support and resources they need to be successful
  • My child receives growth oriented feedback that builds on their strengths
  • My child has access to a variety of high-quality academic and extra-curricular opportunities

I feel valued and respected as a partner in my child’s school experience

  • The school engages me in my child’s learning in ways that are meaningful to me
  • I have a clear understanding of what my child is learning and receive timely and accessible information on how they are performing academically
  • The school partners with me to meet my child’s physical and social-emotional needs
  • Our school community embraces the cultural, racial, and linguistic diversity of students, families, and staff\


I am seen, heard, valued, and respected for who I am and what I do 

  • I feel welcome and included each and every day
  • I am a trusted part of a team where my work is recognized and appreciated
  • My voice is valued and contributes to a positive school community and the success of others
  • I have pride in my work, my district, and my community

I am provided with what I need to succeed

  • I have the resources needed to be effective in my role
  • I am provided meaningful opportunities to learn and grow professionally
  • I receive clear, timely communication and growth-oriented feedback from leadership

I have a safe and positive work environment

  • I am physically and emotionally safe at work
  • My work environment feels joyful and flexible
  • I feel safe trying new things and that it is okay if I make mistakes in that process