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CLC Haunted House Interdisciplinary Unit

The Community Learning Center (CLC) is using Interdisciplinary Units to help students connect the dots between math, science, art, and history. With Interdisciplinary Units students explore the different subject areas under one theme. At the end of October, it was a spooky theme filled with human reactions to fear, Tim Burton art, and the history and folklore of haunted stories and places.

The Interdisciplinary Units included:

  • Science: The physiological response to Fight/Flight
  • Language & Literature: Scary Stories
  • Math: Zombie Apocalypse
  • Social Studies: The history of haunted houses
  • Art: Tim Burton self-portraits
  • Special Education and Counselors: Psychological responses to being scared

Friday, October 28 they had a little fall fun with cookie decorating and pumpkin carving. In the afternoon, the students took a field trip to Nowhere Haunted House in West St. Paul. They learned how haunted houses are made; the technical and artistic sides. They did some improvisation acting with the acting coach and learned about different lighting scenarios to create mood. At the end the students walked through the house with the lights on and then got the whole experience with the lights off.

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