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CLC Anatomy Class Dissects Salmon Heads

student examining dissected piece

Anatomy & Physiology students at the CLC began their dissection inquiry labs with a dissection of salmon heads. Students prepared by watching videos of possible ways to dissect the salmon head, and then designed & completed their own dissection plans. They located, removed, and analyzed the gills, eyes, and tongues. Some students went further and explored the teeth, musculature, skeleton, and brain.

Next, students will analyze the gills, eyes, and tongues more deeply, using dissection microscopes to see their saved specimens in more detail. They will take magnified photographs of their findings and create slide show presentations.

This was an introductory dissection lab. Next, the class will design and complete dissections of Norway mackerel, squid, sheep hearts, and fetal pigs. The CLC Biology students will also be dissecting sheep hearts soon.


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