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CLC Arboretum Field Trip Photo Contest

Students at the Community Learning Center (CLC) used their recent field trip for friendly competition. In Mid-October the students traveled to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in Chaska, MN for one of their Interdisciplinary Units. Each Interdisciplinary Unit ties areas of learning into one subject. The day before the trip, to help them prepare, each teacher taught a topic related to nature and the Arboretum:

  • Science: Parts of plants and plant reproduction 

  • Math: The Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio in nature

  • Art: Nature photography

  • Language and Literature: Descriptive writing

  • Social Studies: Map reading and making a plan for their trip

  • Counselors: Field trip expectations and careers at the Arboretum

While at the arboretum, they were challenged with taking a photograph in each of the Arboretum’s main areas: Japanese Garden, Conservatory, Perennial Garden, and Rose Garden. This coincided with the Art unit of nature photography. Students anonymously voted on their favorite photo in each category and came up with five finalists, with one category having a tie, to be voted on by the public.

Conservatory: Ruby and Brittney

Finalist from conservatory category- Ruby
finalist from conservatory- Brittney

Japanese Garden: Student has asked to stay anonymous

japanese garden finalist

 Perennial Garden Finalist: Zaria

perennial garden finalist- Zaria

Rose Garden Finalist: Jolean

rose garden- jolean

The Winner

The five finalist photos were posted on the SSPPS social media sites where our followers anonymously chose their favorite. The winner was Zaria with her photo in the Perennial Garden, she captured nearly 35% of the public votes. The CLC students next adventure is to Nowhere Haunted House where they will connect the six areas of learning to another subject.

Photo contest winner- Zaria


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