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Youth Frontiers Bring Lessons of Courage to 7th Graders

7th graders spent a day with a group called Youth Frontiers shortly before spring break. Youth Frontiers’ mission is to provide experiences that inspire character, civility, and community. They offer day-long retreats aimed at all ages of social-emotional development that focus on values like kindness, courage, and respect. 

The middle school lesson is based on developing courage and to inspire students to do the right thing and make responsible decisions despite their fears. The lessons combine high-energy music, activities, small groups work, large groups work/presentations, and sharing sessions to keep students engaged all day long. Throughout the day they:

  • Learn to identify personal fears and understand that everyone has them
  • Commit to acting with courage to make their school a better place
  • Deepen relationships with classmates to break down social barriers

Thank you to the South St. Paul Educational Foundation for sponsoring the Youth Frontiers and making this day possible.

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