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Minnesota Zoo Photo Contest

Students at the Community Learning Center (CLC) visit the Minnesota Zoo in March as part of an Interdisciplinary Unity. Interdisciplinary Units help students connect the dots between the individual subjects they are learning in school. With Interdisciplinary Units students explore the different subject areas under one theme. For the Trip to the Minnesota Zoo, students prepared with the following courses:

  • Social Studies: Animal Biomes and their locations
  • General Info: Field trip logistics, zoo map
  • Language & Literature: Zoo ethics debate
  • Science: Climate change impact on animals
  • Art & Math: Designing zoo enclosures

While at the zoo, the students took photos in six different areas of the zoo. More than 30 photos were submitted as part of a photo contest. The students voted on their favorites and 8 finalists were chosen. The finalists were then posted to our social media accounts to have the community decide on their favorite. Congratulations to Yahir R. for winning the MN Zoo photo contest!


All eight finalists:



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