Help our schools by making sure everyone is counted for Census 2020!

  • The 2020 Census is a count of everyone who lives in the United States and its territories. Most of the counting will start in mid-March. The 2020 Census questionnaire asks a few simple questions like the age, sex, and the number of people living in your home. Getting a complete and accurate census count is critically important. That's why your response is required by law. If you do not respond, the U.S. Census Bureau will follow up in person to collect your response.

    Who should be counted?

    People should count ALL children who live in their homes, including newborns and others too young for school. 

    When and how do I respond?

    You can respond online, by phone or by mail. Individual responses are confidential and cannot be used against you by any court or government agency.

    WHY is this important and how does is affect my school? 

    Responses to the census help schools plan for the resources they will need when the new generation of children is ready for school. Some of the federal funding based on census statistics is for services that influence students’ readiness for learning, including maternal and child health programs, and housing, heating and food assistance. 

    When it comes to schools, the 2020 Census will determine funding for special education, teacher training, technology, school lunch assistance, Head Start and after-school programs.


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