• Dave Webb


    Superintendent of Schools

    Dr. Dave Webb
    (651) 457-9465

    Follow updates from the superintendent on Twitter at @SSP_Super.



District Office Administration

  •  Image Place Holder

    Director of Finance

    (651) 457-9428

  • Dorie Pavel


    Assistant Director of Nutrition Services

    Dorie Pavel
    (651) 306-3675

  • Who to Contact

    • Classroom issues should first be directed to the classroom teacher.

    • School issues should first be directed to the school principal.

    • District issues should be directed to the administrator responsible for the program or service involved.

    • Operational or management issues are best directed to the school personnel or District Office personnel closest to the area of concern.

    If the first-level of communication does not resolve the issue, the immediate supervisor, principal or superintendent should be the next contact.