Our District's Strategic Roadmap

  • Our Mission (our core purpose)

    Ignite a passion in every learner to inquire, continuously improve and engage in positively changing our world.

    Our Vision (what we intend to create)

    • Prepare each and every student for their next step
    • Provide high quality, individualized programs, services and personalized learning for all ages and stages of a learner's life
    • Build capacity in our learners to exemplify the IB Learner Profile
    • Partner with our families and community to develop shared ownership of student outcomes and family learning needs
    • Ensure students and families have reliable and regular access to technology for accelerated learning

    Our Strategic Directions (how we will get there)

    1. Develop systemic student support services in each school and classroom
    2. Promote ownership of learning by students and staff through an engaging environment and professional development
    3. Secure, sustain and allocate resources to meet student needs
    4. Strengthen family connections and engagement
    5. Partner with community and businesses to leverage local resources

    Our Core Values (what drives our words and actions)

    Be kind, fair and just toward all people because of who we are

    Provide equal access to opportunities in academics, student services and activities

    Strive for the/our best in all we do with high expectations for all

    Do the right thing even when no one is watching, and keep our promises

    Be able to bounce back from challenges and disappointments with confidence and hope

    Honor our similarities and differences in our assumptions, inquiries, words and actions