South St. Paul Alternative Programs

  • Day School (11-12th Grade)

    This is an all-day program designed for students in grades 11-12. Students attend school Monday-Friday from 7:45 a.m. until 2:25 p.m.

    Ignite Program (10th Grade)

    Is designed for 10th grade students that need the support of smaller class sizes, programming to meet their needs, and the opportunity to recover required credits.  Students attend school Monday-Friday from 7:45 a.m. until 2:25 p.m. 


    Vocational Education/Work Experience

    CLC students may also participate in vocational classes with a work experience component. The CLC staff recognizes the importance of vocational education as part of their education. Students may earn credit while working or participating in a service-learning project.

    Middle School Program

    The Middle School program students work in smaller class setting to get educational support from instructor.

    After-School and Summer Credit Recovery for grades 9-12

    During the after-school an summer programs,  students may take additional courses in order to recover credits in core classes. 

    Elementary and Middle School Targeted Services

    During regular school year, programs run before and/or after school.  There are a variety of courses offered.  Your homeroom or Connections teacher will share information when they are offered. 

    Summer programming for grades 1-8 will be offered each summer.  Programs focus on STEM, transitioning to next grade level, and address the whole student. 


    Post-Secondary Education Options

    Some CLC students take post-secondary courses at Inver Hills Community College or Dakota County Technical College. Students must have enough credits to qualify as an 11th grade student. They must also meet the post-secondary institutions admission requirements. High school and college credit are earned simultaneously.


    South St. Paul Virtual

    Currently grades 10-12.  This program is for students to work indepentently at their own pace.  All courses are completed through an online software program.   Students access support through instructor's office hours and after school opportunities are available three times per week.