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The Department of Learning is responsible for upholding curriculum, standards, instruction, and testing/assessments in South St. Paul Public Schools. Click on the link below to learn more about each topic:

Contact Information:

Chad Schmidt
Director of Equity and Learning
(651) 457-9416

Lesly Gámez
Assistant Director of Equity and Learning
(651) 552-5563

Jody Shannon
Administrative Assistant
(651) 457-9469

IB Curriculum Coordinators:

Conrad Anderson
Diploma Program, Secondary
(651) 457-9408

Kim Laska
Primary Years Program, Kaposia Education Center
(651) 288-6839

Melissa Miller
Middle Years Program, Secondary
(651) 457-9408

Diane Tiffany
Primary Years Program, Lincoln Center
(651) 457-9426

Multi-Tier Systems of Support Specialists: 

Susan Bergquist
Lincoln Center
(651) 288-5859

Grace Jefferson

Kaposia Education Center
(651) 288-6875


Jen Sexuaer
ATPPS/TDE Coordinator, Peer Coach, District
(651) 457-9408

Andrew Doran
Peer Coach, District
(651) 457-9408

Lauren Ryan
Peer Coach, District
(651) 457-9408