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Health & Wellness


We do that by:

  • Promoting a safe and healthy school environment
  • Reducing illness-related absences
  • Identifying health-related barriers to learning
  • Providing annual screenings
  • Managing chronic health conditions
  • Planning for medical emergencies
  • Preventing spread of communicable diseases
  • Assessing and treating students' illnesses and injuries
  • Administering medication when needed
  • Maintaining students' health records
  • Ensuring immunization records meet compliance standards
  • Developing Individual Health Plans (IHPs) for students with significant health concerns
  • Implementing health-related services on Individual Education Plans (IEPs), as requested by special education

COVID-19 health and safety protocols


The Mission of SSP Health Services is to promote optimum health status to strengthen educational potential for all students. Each school is staffed with a Licensed School Nurse and Health Assistant. Nursing cares are provided for students who become ill or injured during the school day, need medications or treatments, or have other medical needs.

School Health Services provides care that promotes students' academic success by:

  • Managing chronic health care conditions
  • Providing interventions that return students to class
  • Lessening the number of students sent home
  • Shortening illness-related absences
  • Identifying health-related barriers and referring for appropriate care
  • Providing health screenings such as vision and hearing
  • Promoting a safe and healthy school environment


Candace Burckhardt
Director of Student Services
phone: 651-457-9466

David Slomkowski
Health and Safety Coordinator
(651) 457-9432

Kayla Rogers, BSN, RN, PHN, LSN
Kaposia Education Center
Nurse Office: (651) 457-9424
Fax: (651) 457-9453

Chelsea Langerude, LPN
Kaposia Education Center
Nurse Office (KEC): (651) 457-9424

Kayla Rogers, BSN, RN, PHN, LSN
Lincoln Center
Nurse Office: (651) 288-5862
Fax: (651) 457-9423

Kay Willy, LPN
Lincoln Center
Nurse Office (LC): (651) 288-5862

Richard Moore
South St. Paul Secondary
Nurse Office: (651) 457-9449
Health Assistant: (651) 457-9476
Fax: (651) 457-9455


District safety personnel assist staff with indoor air quality, regulatory compliance, and general safety issues. For help with any health, safety, or environmental issue, please contact David Slomkowski, Health and Safety Coordinator, at (651) 457-9432, or Mark Fenton, Director of Buildings and Grounds, at (651) 457-9431.

The District Safety Committee has representation of every building and employee group. A list of members is sent to staff at the beginning of each year, along with a schedule of meetings. Feel free to attend any meeting, or to send your safety concerns to your representative for discussion at the next meeting. If you have a safety issue that cannot wait until the next meeting, please call or send an email to David Slomkowski with your concerns.

To view the Safety Data Sheet for any chemical used in the District, please click this link and perform a search for the chemical:

If the data sheet you need is not in the database, please forward the name of the missing chemical to David Slomkowski.