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Buildings & Grounds

The Buildings and Grounds Department is responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the 6 district buildings (768,397 square feet). Our employees are committed to providing our students and staff with a safe and clean environment to learn and work. in.

Our Service Building staff handles the general maintenance of our buildings and grounds. The staff is responsible for maintaining heating and ventilation equipment, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, sewer, carpentry, snow removal, athletic field maintenance, mowing, playground maintenance and landscaping.

The Buildings and Grounds department is also responsible for the district's health and safety programs; indoor air quality, asbestos management, fire and life safety, hazardous waste and lead in drinking water.


Contact Information

Mark Fenton
Director of Buildings and Grounds
(651) 457-9431


The safety of our students and staff is our top priority at South St. Paul Public Schools. We plan and prepare for various emergency situations. Should a critical or emergency situation ever arise in our area/buildings while school is in session, please advise that SSPPS has a detailed emergency response guide that provides information on how to respond to emergency incidents.

The response to any emergency generally falls into one of the following basic options, and one of them may be announced. However, you are empowered to make decisions and modify your response based on what is occurring in your area at the time. Your main responsibility is the safety of your students and yourself.