Safe. Strong. Prepared.

  • South St. Paul Public Schools are working to be safe, strong and prepared for the 2020-21 school year. SSP staff have redesigned what the school day looks like and are prepared to move between the three learning delivery scenarios depending on the status of the COVID-19 situation. SSP will start the school year in the hybrid learning model, with a four-week soft opening. Learn more about each of the learning scenarios and more about the 2020-21 school year below.

    Three learning scenario graphic

    • Scenario 1 - In-Person Learning
      Students will learn at school, in-person with health and safety procedures and social distancing in place where feasible. LEARN MORE HERE.

    • Scenario 2 - Hybrid: In-Person and Distance Learning
      Students will learn in a hybrid model of in-person at school part-time and distance learning part-time. Building and busing capacities will be limited to 50 percent. Additional requirements for social distancing and minimizing exposure will be used. LEARN MORE HERE.

    • Scenario 3 - Distance Learning
      Students will learn at home through distance learning and will receive daily interaction with their licensed teacher(s). LEARN MORE HERE.


  • Current Scenario:

    Hybrid Learning

    The situation is evolving and information and recommendations are changing daily as new information becomes available. Please check back to this website for the latest information. 

  • School Start Dates

    First Day of School (Gr. 1-12)
    Tuesday, September 8, 2020

    First Day of Kindergarten
    Thursday, September 10, 2020

    First Day of Preschool/ECFE
    Monday, September 14, 2020

    First Day of Kids’ Choice Program
    Tuesday, September 8, 2020