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Core Values

Uniting Through Shared Values

The City of South St. Paul and the South St. Paul Public Schools are proud to unveil our collaborative initiative that establishes a foundational set of core values that reflect the aspirations, priorities, and shared vision for our schools and entire community. These values - Respect, Pride, Collaboration, Integrity, Resilience, and Equity - are more than just words; they are the guiding principles that will shape our collective future. We invite every community member as well as every student and employee in our community, to embrace these core values and make them a part of your daily lives, interactions, and habits.

Together, let’s build a community that reflects the best of who we are and the promise of what we can achieve together - a SSP community where we all want to live, work, play and grow together!


Recognizing and celebrating the goodness in oneself and others, seeing our differences as strengths and showing care and appreciation for people, property and the entire SSP community. 



A welcoming, inclusive and supportive Packer community that honors and celebrates its rich history while collectively inspiring new traditions 



Building community together through trust, hard work, innovation, and a shared commitment to building the South St. Paul that our community aspires to be



Being thoughtful, honest, transparent in our words, and actions, and accountable for our decisions. 



The courage to adapt, change and persevere when presented with challenges and opportunities



A safe and supportive environment that provides opportunities for all to be seen, heard, and valued


Building Community

As we embrace these joint core values, we envision a future where the city and school district stand as pillars of strength and support, working hand in hand to create, maintain, and support a thriving, resilient, and harmonious community where our schools thrive and our community flourishes for generations to come.

We invite our entire SSP community to join us in this transformative journey to make these core values the heart and soul of South St. Paul. Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Reflect: Take a moment to reflect on what each core values means to you personally and how you can embody these principles in your actions and decisions.
  • Engage: Translate these core values into tangible actions. Whether it’s fostering collaboration in your neighborhood or demonstrating resilience in the face of challenges, every action counts.
  • Support: Celebrate your successes, learn from your challenges, and support and inspire one another through this collective journey.