Chromebook Insurance Plan

  • South St. Paul Public Schools recognizes with the implementation of our Student Chromebook Program there is a need to protect the investment by both the district and the family. The participation cost for those choosing to purchase the District Insurance Plan is $30 per student device. The Insurance Plan will have a family maximum cap of $100 based upon the enrollment of more than three students for families with multiple students. Payment is due at the time of checkout.

    The Insurance Plan provides coverage for ACCIDENTAL damage such as drops, broken screens, fire, flood, natural disasters, and power surges due to lightning. The $30 payment is non-refundable.  This annual coverage begins upon receipt of the payment and ends at the conclusion of the school year.

    The Insurance Plan does not cover:

    • lost or stolen devices
    • intentionally-damaged devices
    • lost or stolen charging cables ($30 for a replacement charger)
    • lost or stolen cases ($30 for a replacement case)
    • damage to the device when not in the case

    The Insurance Plan does not have a co-payment deductible device repair/replacement fee for the first instance of damage or claim within the school year. However, a co-payment deductible repair/replacement fee is required for multiple instances or claims made during the same period of coverage for the Insurance Plan.  

    Insurance Plan Repair/Replacement Fee Deductible Schedule:

    • 1st damage/repair claim: Family owes $0
    • 2nd damage/repair claim: Family owes $75
    • additional damage/repair claim: Family owes $100 and take-home privileges lost

    IMPORTANT: All Insurance Plan claims MUST BE REPORTED within 72 hours to the Media Center staff in ordered to be covered.

    If you choose not to purchase the Insurance Plan, the following fees are assessed:

    • $75 for a broken screen
    • $200 to replace the entire device
    • Other damage fees for broken bezels (the frame around the screen), lost keys on the keyboard, damaged ports or buttons, etc. will be determined by the Technology Department.