Bring Your Own Device (optional)

  • In an effort to maximize student access to teacher information and instructional content, South St. Paul Secondary has a 1:1 device program. We have standardized on Chromebook devices. The District recognizes that a very effective plan for school use would be a device that the student/family owns, cares for, and has access to 24/7, 365 days a year. For this reason, our schools wish to partner with parents by allowing for family-owned devices to be part of our 1:1 computing initiative through a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program.
    Students MUST register their device with our Technology Department and will be installing some specific software.  The top portion of the Chromebook Agreement must also be completed and returned.
    Respondus LockDown Browser Information (for exams in Schoology):  handout/overview linked here

    While a specific device has not been mandated by South St. Paul Public Schools for the BYOD program, a device brought to school is recommended to meet the following minimum standards:
    • The device should have a minimum screen size of 7", however a 8.9" screen or larger is recommended. The device shall run Google Docs (Drive) (note:  any Windows, Mac, Android, or Linux device will meet this requirement). Many of our district apps do not function on the iOS completely.
    • The device shall be able to connect to a wireless network (WiFi) and must support 802.11G or 802.11N networks (devices that list the new 802.11AC connection are acceptable as long as it supports the G or N network).
    • The device should have a physical keyboard  (note: this could be a separate keyboard that works with the device, such as a Bluetooth keyboard).
    • The device shall have a microphone and a headphone jack (note:  this could be two separate jacks for the microphone and headphone, or it can be a combined microphone/headphone jack) with audio recording capability.
    • The device should have a minimum of one web camera with video recording capability.
    • The device should have a minimum battery life of five to six hours (this can include battery swapping, if necessary).
    • New for 2019-20 school year:  Note that personal Chromebooks are not acceptable because they are not compatible with some of the new tools we are using this year.  

    In addition: 

    • A student should bring a headset or earbuds with his device (the earbuds can include a built-in microphone).
    • A student should have a protective case or padded bag for their device (take time to pick a good case--corner protection is important for tablets).
    • A student will need to access broadband Internet outside of school, either through WiFi or a physical connection, to complete homework assignments. Access is available at all public buildings in South St. Paul and at a number of private businesses. Programs for reduced cost access are made available through Comcast and other providers for qualifying families.

    Families may purchase devices that meet the recommended specifications from the vendor of their choice. 

    Note: South St. Paul Public Schools is not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen student property. Please refer to your school's Student/Parent Handbook for more information.