Student Device Program for Grades 6-12

  • The goals of our Student Device Program are to enhance and accelerate learning, leverage technology for personalized instruction, promote collaboration and increase student engagement, strengthen the current age skills necessary for future success, and to provide digital tools for completion of assignments and projects.

    Device Checkout and Insurance information and forms will be mailed early August 2018.  Forms will be returned on:  

    • Thursday, Aug. 16:  noon-7 pm (break between 3-4 pm) Registration Day at the Secondary
    • Monday, Aug. 20:  noon-7 pm (break between 3-4 pm) Registration Day at the Secondary
    • Thursday, Aug. 30:  8-11 am and 1-3 pm at the Secondary

    Note that this is new this year:

    • Students in Gr. 9-12 can check out a device before school begins during the times listed above.
    • Students in Grades 6-8 will be checking out their devices during class time the second or third week of school.

    Click here to view information About the Student Device Program.

    Click here to view the Acceptable Use Policies.

    Click here to view the Device Insurance Plan information.

    Letter and form from the 8-2-18 mailing

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