Student Device Expectations

  • Student's Use & Care of the Device
    1. Never leave a device unattended.  When not in your personal possession, the device should be in a secure, locked area.  Unattended devices will be collected and delivered to the Media Center.
    2. Do not lend your device to another person.  Each device is assigned to a student and the responsibility for the care of the device solely rests with that individual. 
    3. Each device has a unique identification number and at no time should the numbers or labels be modified or removed.
    4. Students will use their school computer account to access their device.  To help secure their personal information on the device, students should not share their username and/or password.

    Device Care

    •    Use care in transporting your device to school every day.
    •    Always keep and carry it in the protective case AT ALL TIMES.
    •    Avoid placing weight on the device.
    •    Never throw or slide a device.
    •    Never expose a device to temperature extremes or direct sunlight.
    •    Never keep your device in a vehicle where it could be stolen.

    Device Screen

    While the device is durable, it not indestructible.
    •    Never throw a backpack that contains a device.
    •    Never place a device in a book bag that contains food, liquids, heavy, or sharp objects.
    •    Never place heavy objects on top of the device.
    •    Do not apply pressure to the device screen, that will damage it.
    •    Never drop your device.
    •    Careful placement in your backpack is important.

    While the device screen is scratch resistant, it is not scratch proof.  
    •    Avoid using any sharp object(s) on the device screen.  
    •    The screen can be cleaned with a soft, slightly damp lint-free cloth.  
    •    Avoid getting moisture in the openings.  
    •    Do not use window cleaners, household cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol, ammonia, or abrasives to clean the device. 

    Device Cameras & Microphone

    The device comes equipped with audio and video recording through a built-in microphone and rear-facing camera.   All recordings created with the device must comply with District policies and State and Federal laws.  District policy prohibits the use of electronic recording devices in a manner that compromises the privacy interests of other individuals (District Policy #523).  District policy also prohibits harassment and bullying (District Policy #514).   Use of the device in a manner that violates district policy may result in revocation of the device and may result in further disciplinary consequence.

    Use of the school device and any other devices with audio and video recording capabilities during the instructional time is at the discretion of the teacher. The student must obtain prior approval to use the device for such purposes.  Recordings obtained with the device may not be shared, published or rebroadcast for any reason by the student without permission.   Students should be aware that State and Federal laws in many instances prohibit secret or surreptitious recording undertaken without the knowledge and consent of the person or persons being recorded.   Violations of State and Federal laws may be reported to the proper authorities and could result in criminal prosecution.

    Device Cases
    When students check out their device, they will be given a district case.  The device MUST ALWAYS REMAIN IN THE CASE.  

    If they lose it or if it stolen, students will need to purchase another one from the Media Center.  No stickers or any other items should be attached to the device itself or the case unless placed there by school staff.

    Device Battery
    The device must be charged up every night so that it is ready to go for school use in the morning.  Fully charged device batteries will typically last 6-7 hours.  Failure to bring a fully charged student device and their charger to school may result in the student’s inability to participate in classroom learning activities. Classroom teachers are not expected to provide capacity for plugging in device for charging.

    Lost, Stolen, Damaged Devices
    If the device is lost, it must be reported to the student’s teacher and the Media Center staff IMMEDIATELY.   It may be the responsibility of the student and family to recover or replace the lost device.  If necessary, the District and the police will assist in recovery.

    Do not attempt to gain access to the internal electronics or repair your device.   If it fails to work or is damaged, please bring it to the Media Center. Device repair or replacement options will be determined by Technology Department staff.  You may be issued a temporary device or other materials until your device is working properly or replaced.  If the device is experiencing technical difficulties outside of school hours, you will need to wait until you return to school to fix it.

    Replacement fees may be assessed for stolen, lost, or damaged items in accordance with the District’s Student Fee Schedule: 
    •    Replacement case is $30
    •    Replacement charger is $30
    •    Repair fine for a damaged screen is $75
    •    Replacement device is $200

    To help families protect against some of these damages, a district insurance program is available through the District to cover the device damages, not the accessories or lost or stolen devices.  More information is on the Student Device Agreement.

    Students who leave South St. Paul Public Schools during the school year must return the device, along with any other accessories, at the time they leave. The device and all accessories should be returned to the Media Center. 

    All student devices will be turned in at the end of the academic year, inspected for abuse or damage and assessed any applicable fines.