After School Credit Recovery

  • After School Credit Recovery is a program developed to allow students the opportunity to remediate classes after school during the school year. The program operates out of the South Saint Paul Secondary building and in partnership with the South St. Paul Public Schools Online Academy.

    After School Credit Recovery program hours and meeting times: 

    Tuesday - Thursday (2:40 - 4:00 p.m.)

    Enrollment Windows for After School Credit Recovery: 

    Tri 1: September 5 - September 22
    Tri 2: December 4 - December 22
    Tri 3: March 19 - April 6

    Who do I turn my enrollment packet into? 

    SSP Secondary students:
    Meet with and turn in your packet to your grade level administrator or counselor. 

    SSP Commmunity Learning Center student:
    Meet with your administrator and submit your paperwork to the CLC administrative asst. 

    Out of district students:
    Meet with your building level administrator/dean for course verification and drop your enrollment paperwork off at SSP Community Learning Center, 141 6th Street South, South Saint Paul, MN 55075