Primary Years Program (PYP)

  • PYP logo Lincoln Center Elementary and Kaposia Education Center are proud to be International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (PYP) World Schools. Designed for students in grades K-5, the PYP program covers the traditional elementary school subjects and standards; organizing the curriculum around six age appropriate themes that reflect the best practices in teaching at the elementary level.

  • For example, in addressing one of the six themes, “Where we are in place and time,” a student might go beyond the traditional study of South St. Paul to find links to other river cities around the world. They might ask questions such as: How are they like South St. Paul? How are they different from my community?

    In addressing each of the six curricular themes, teachers will guide the students to higher levels of knowledge by using a process of inquiry which builds upon the student’s own knowledge and innate ability to ask questions. The PYP will culminate in the 5th grade with a project, the PYP Exhibition, to address a real world issue or problem. The project will include written work, oral presentations, the use of technology, and demonstrate a variety of transdisciplinary skills. 

  • Contact Information

    Lincoln Center Elementary
    Diane Tiffany
    (651) 457-9426

    Kaposia Education Center 
    (651) 288-6878 

  • The IB Primary Years Programme from International Baccalaureate on Vimeo.

    Why PYP?

    • The PYP is a clearly articulated K-6 curriculum with the Minnesota State Standards imbedded.
    • The PYP has high standards for all of our students.
    • The PYP helps students to dig deeper into subjects and develop enduring understandings about content.
    • The PYP develops the whole child.  We develop attitudes and teach meaningful content.
    • The PYP requires community action to place our learning in a real life context.
    • The PYP utilizes the best practices in education.  (Inquiry, assessment, collaboration, and multiple perspectives)
    • The PYP requires continuous improvement for our schools with internal and external evaluations.

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    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the PYP coordinators.

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