Lettering Policy (Theatre)

  • South St. Paul Secondary School
    Department of Theatre
    Lettering Policy

    The honor of receiving a letter in Theatre represents hard work and dedication on the part of the individual receiving it.  Only a select number of students are able to meet the current requirements each year. The following information details the lettering requirements in Theatre.
    Lettering Requirements:
    Students may letter in each show individually (up to three letters in a year) OR earn one year-long letter (by letting hours accumulate throughout the year). Shows reserved for junior high (grades 7-9) students only do not qualify for lettering.
    Single Show Theatre Letter:  A total of 80 hours on one show during the school year.  The lettering hours must be accumulated from one show only.
    Year-Long Theatre Letter: A total of 80 hours spread out over any of the shows during the school year.
    Here is the specific detail of how to earn hours that can count toward a letter:

    • Rehearsal: each hour of rehearsal at SSP counts as one (1) hour toward your lettering total.
    • Performance: each hour of performance (count the hours starting at call time) at SSP counts as one (1) hour toward your lettering total.
    • Audition: each audition you participate in at SSP counts as five (5) hours toward your lettering total.
    • Crew Calls: (this includes building sets, painting, props, costumes, etc.) each hour counts as one (1) hour toward your lettering total.
    • Ushering: each hour of ushering counts as one (1) hour toward your lettering total.
    • Drama Club: each hour of participation in a drama club activity counts as one (1) hour toward your lettering total.
    • Student Directing: each hour of rehearsal counts as two (2) hours toward your lettering total. This is in order to credit the student director for prep time spent before rehearsals. Student assistant directors count rehearsal hours on a 1:1 basis.
    • Other theatre activities: credit for hours for other SSPSS theatre activities may be negotiated with the Theatre Director (Mr. Holsen) with the understanding that such hours are generally earned on a 1:1 basis.

    Lettering Form for Lettering forms or request a copy from Mr. Holsen.  You MUST keep track of the hours and dates yourself and be ready to justify the hours if need be. You are encouraged to turn in your hours for each play at the conclusion of that play. Please note that there is no distinction made regarding participants who are actors or technicians (ex. a technician who attends an hour of rehearsal or crew call gets the same credit as an actor who attends and hour of rehearsal or crew call). Also, hours only count if you are required to be there and/or are being a productive team member while you are there.
    Any questions can be directed to Mr. Holsen at eholsen@sspps.org or 651-457-9430 or in-person.