Diploma Program (DP)

  • IB Diploma Programme Logo The International Baccalaureate (IB) program at South St. Paul High School builds on the strengths of the traditional American public school system while recognizing the need for global awareness and commitment as students prepare for citizenship in the 21st century.

  • The IB Diploma Program is comprehensive, encouraging critical thinking, research skills, and service to the community as part of the learning process. As many as 70 students a year graduate with IB Honors – in addition to completing IB course work, they have fulfilled a number of CAS hours, hours dedicated to Creativity, Activity, and Service. The coursework IB students complete provides a greater depth of study than courses that many other high schools offer.  The IB Diploma Program prepares students for post-secondary success at any college or university – locally, nationally, or internationally.

    South St. Paul High School's IB Program has been in place since 1986.

  • Contact Information

    IB Diploma Program Coordinator
    Conrad Anderson
    (651) 552-5580 ext. 1374



    Who is eligible for the IB Diploma Program?

    We want all students to be a part of the IB Diploma Program.  Successful IB Diploma Program students show ability, interest, self-discipline, and an awareness of others. Students from other districts wishing to enroll as part of the State of Minnesota’s Open Enrollment Policy should notify their home district by December, if possible, of the year prior to enrollment and, at the same time, call South St. Paul Secondary at (651) 457-9408 to obtain open-enrollment forms required by our district.  

    Why Take IB Diploma Program Courses?

    IB Diploma Program courses provide you with the solid, well-rounded education you’ll need to succeed in the 21st century. Our IB graduates will tell you that taking IB Diploma Program courses helped them immensely. They learned how to prioritize, focus, write, and think. When they reached college, they felt prepared to tackle almost any assignment that came their way, and they felt better prepared than their peers whose schools didn’t offer IB Diploma Program courses.  Research also has proven that students that take at least one Diploma Program course have a better chance of completing college.

    A very practical reason to take IB classes is that colleges are eager to accept students who have taken the more challenging classes that IB high schools offer. In addition, students who receive good scores on IB exams often get advanced placement and credit in college. In fact, many students who pursue the full IB Diploma are able to enter college as sophomores. Having to take fewer courses in college, or to be able to double major in 4 years, is a real money saver for you and your parents.

    The IB Diploma

    In addition to earning a high school diploma, students at South St. Paul Secondary can also be eligible for the IB Diploma.  The IB Diploma is a degree that is recognized by colleges and universities around the globe.  In order to be eligible for the IB Diploma, students need to take a full IB Diploma course load which would include satisfactory completion in 6 subject areas, completion of a course called Theory of Knowledge, documentation of Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) hours, and the completion of a 4,000 word Extended Essay on a topic of their choice.


    Students can graduate with Honors at South St. Paul Secondary.  At graduation, the district will recognize students for their academic achievement and effort within the IB program and for their participation in the Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) program.Students who qualify for Honors will be recognized at the end of their senior year – IB Course candidates will receive a silver medal to wear at the June graduation ceremony; IB Diploma candidates will receive a gold medal.

    For more information on Honors and CAS, consult the CAS/Honors Handbook available from the IB Coordinator or CAS Coordinator.

    To qualify for Honors, IB Course candidates must...

    • Test in at least four IB subjects (includes tests taken as a junior and senior), or test in at least three subjects and take two terms of Theory of Knowledge. 
    • Fulfill the CAS Requirement.

    To qualify for Honors, Diploma candidates must...

    • Fulfill the academic requirements for the IB Diploma. This includes:
      • testing in 6 subjects;
      • completing ToK;
      • fulfilling the CAS requirement;
      • and completing an Extended Essay.

    Find out more about the DP.
    If you have any further questions please feel free to contact the Ib Diploma Program coordinator.

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