Lego League Information

  • The 2019-20 Lego League season is going to be a growing season!

    Welcome to the 2019-20 Lego League Robotics season. We are very excited for this year and being able to build off of what we started last year. Lego League is a great way to extend classroom learning and explore other areas of science, math and technology. Below are a few details on the upcoming build season.

    Build Schedule:

    • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (9/16- 12/02) from 2:30 - 4:00 p.m.
    • The first few days we will be working through the project
    • We will also get the rule book and making sure we understand the game
    • We will also spend time deciphering which missions we want to focus on
    • Later we will focus on building the robot and programming
    • If you plan on being a part of the build team you have to make sure you are at the planning part of the build season as well.

    Competition Date:

    If any parents, guardians or others who are willing or wanting to help the team, please feel free to contact Mr. Doran at more help we have the better!


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