About Our Program (Math Team)

  • About Our Program

    The high school math team offers students in grades 9-12 an excellent opportunity for developing their problem solving talents in a non-classroom setting. By competing in both individual and team events, students not only become more confident in their mathematics abilities, but also develop their ability to work cooperatively toward a common goal. 

    Math competitions also allow team members to meet and establish friendships with students from other schools. Math team participants will find our Math Team to be both a fun and rewarding experience!


    Lettering Criteria

    Math team members will receive a varsity letter if they meet one of the following criteria:

    1. Earn a minimum of 12 points in individual events and successfully complete the season.
    2. Attend all the practices and all five meets and successfully complete the season.
    3. In special circumstances the coach can award a math team member a letter.


    C.A.S. Points

    Math Team participation hours can be applid to C.A.S. points for IB Honors.