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  • PreACT Test for Students in Grades 9 and 10

    In November, students in grades 9 and 10 participate in the PreACT assessment produced by ACT. The PreACT provides a practice experience for taking the ACT test. PreACT results give students, parents, and educators valuable information into students’ predicted performance on the ACT and help to make informed coursework choices as they plan for their future.  The PreACT also includes the ACT Interest Inventory which students can use to begin thinking about careers and college majors.

    PreACT helps identify:

    • How a student is progressing with the skills and knowledge required to succeed beyond high school.
    • Areas where extra help or additional courses are needed.
    • Career possibilities the match the student’s interests

    The PreACT includes multiple choice questions in English, reading, math, and science. The scores will help to identify current knowledge and skills in each subject area. Students will receive their test booklet when the results are returned so they may review the questions and their responses with the correct ones.

    Students may choose to have their PreACT information shared with colleges and scholarship agencies which can help with college recruitment and possible scholarship opportunities.

    PreACT Information

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    The ACT Plus Writing is a national college admissions examination that consists of four subject area tests (English, Mathematics, Reading, Science) plus a 30-minute Writing Test. The test includes 215 multiple-choice questions, a writing test, and a short break. It will take just over four hours to complete. Actual testing time is 2 hours and 55 minutes plus 40 minutes for the writing test. More information regarding the ACT Plus Writing and test prep suggestions can be found at

    All grade 11 students will be taking the ACT Plus Writing test in the spring. The 2019 school-day test administration date is Tuesday, April 2, 2019. 

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