Senior Information

  • Senior Parent Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Graduation

    Q: When do I order graduation announcements?

    Q: I am afraid I didn’t order a cap and gown for my senior what should I do? 
    A: Don’t panic, we make sure that we have ordered a cap and gown for every senior on our roster. 

    Q: If graduation is held inside, how many tickets will my son/daughter receive?
    A: Each graduating senior will receive six tickets

    Q: What if my family needs more than six tickets?
    A: We are sorry, but we cannot provide anymore than six tickets per student. We will have overflow viewing of the live broadcast available in the auditorium.


    Spring Fee

    Q: What will I be looking at as far as senior spring expenses?
    A: Seniors must take care of any school or activities related financial obligations they may have such as:
    • Unpaid elective course fees
    • Fines for lost or damaged books or missing school materials
    • Unpaid activities fees
    • Fines for missing uniforms or equipment

    Graduation Fee

    There will be $20 graduation fee due on Friday, May 8 to help cover the cost of graduation. 

    Any further graduation related questions or concerns may be directed to Therese Price at (651) 457-9467 or by email at